Why I'm saying 'Yes'

Just saying the word 'yes' is in itself a powerful action. It invites the unknown, brings connectedness, and is a symbol of positivity. As soon as you utter this quick syllabled word you're basically tossing the world's nicest grenade....but filled with like, a bunch of wild flower seeds - of which you don't know what's going to bloom into high saturated beauty and what's going to compost and come back another day.

This summer I started to focus more fully on the things that I want to come from Native Bear, and how I can integrate more of my authentic self into my brand. Some might feel that it's best to keep business and personal life separate, but when it comes to owning a creative brand I just don't see how that's possible or beneficial...or interesting! What we do as business owners / artists / humans and what we believe in flows into all corners of our lives - how you treat your body, how you treat others, how you vote - there are infinite parts of you that work together to create ripples.

In an effort to grow and accept new opportunities I made this 'Yes' illustration to act as a reminder of one's own powerful presence. Wear the pin, gift the card, or frame it as a print. Remind yourself and others around you that the vibrations within the word 'yes' can open up pathways of healing and growth that you could never predict. What if instead of saying "no, I can't possibly do that." or "nah, that's not for me.", we push past the the pattern of negative self-talk and step into unknown territory? What if instead of believing the story of 'no' that you and others have created for yourself - you sit back and simply reflect the effortless, golden hued rays of power from the center of your palm and start saying 'Yes' - what will happen then?


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