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I was super flattered when Jennifer Chen reached out for an interview for Brit + Co's How to Quit Your Day Job section because I am forever inspired by the stories of other creative business owners. When I decided I really wanted to give working for myself a try I was truly unprepared - I had $500 in savings (which is like $0 in savings), no business plan, no cohesive style to base my branding around. I was completely winging it... 

While I can't say that was the easiest (or smartest) way to start a small business - it was the way that Native Bear had to start. I needed to go through the lessons of "figuring it out" on the fly, and learning to stretch a dollar. I am by no means an expert at this point, and I am still learning those lessons as Native Bear evolves. Starting Native Bear was about proving to myself that I could have the confidence to put myself "out there", and that continues to be my challenge every day. 

Thanks for following along and supporting this small biz in progress! 


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