Next Vibrant Artist workshop will be April 20th, from 6:30-9:00 in Atlanta. Reserve your spot here (space is very limited)


Are you struggling to get your creative endeavors off the ground? Do you need help articulating your voice through social media and branding? Are you feeling burnt out trying to reconcile your artistic brilliance with the modern demands of social media presence, e-commerce, and commercialism? Wouldn't it be nice to make a living while fulfilling your artistic destiny??

In this workshop we will be addressing the "Starving Artist" archetype that tends to blindfold many artists from the possibility of creating a thriving, money making creative career. We will take a look at our personal patterns and see how the "Starving Artist" might be coming into play, and learn how we can loosen her grip. Specific areas include addressing feelings of:

  • unworthiness - "I don't deserve success"
  • jealousy - "That artist is a sell out (but secretly I want their success)"
  • entitlement - "I can only have it this one way. All other ways are beneath my art."
  • self-defeat - "Art is not practical. I could never make a living doing what I love so I might as well not try."

From there we will channel the other empowering archetypes that thrive within us and incorporate them into our branding stories:

  • Rebel
  • Visionary
  • Advocate
  • Healer
  • Explorer
  • Intellectual
  • etc. etc. - there are infinite!

This workshop will be part lecture and part group discussion. My goal is that you will leave with an understanding of how the old ways of the "Starving Artist" may no longer be serving you in your creative business, and with a cohesive plan of action on how to let your own personal, powerful message shine through in your creative branding.

** Light snacks and beverages will be provided **

Space is very limited. Click HERE to RSVP